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How to Download

All of the products in this shop are digital downloads only and we do not offer technical help when downloading but we can give some helpful pointers to follow in case you are having trouble. 

To download the product you purchased you can click on the link given in your purchase receipt email or the additional email sent with the direct download link.

This is IMPORTANT: We highly recommend downloading our products to your computer versus your mobile device. Most mobile devices such as phones and iPads, do not allow for downloading through a link. The exception is for iOS devices running iOS version 11 and higher (so you may want to check before downloading). 

ZIP Files: Most of our products are sent using a compressed ZIP file. 

Help unzipping a ZIP file: 

On a desktop or laptop: Save the ZIP file to your computer, right-click and select, "Extract All" (Windows) or double-click (Mac). This will create a new file on your computer in which you can open. If you need to get the files onto your mobile device, add the file to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply email it to yourself. Alternatively, you can check your order email on your mobile device and re-download it from my store. If you have issues with downloading, make sure you have a strong Internet connection and/or try using a different browser. 

On a mobile device (phone or tablet): If you have an iPhone or iPad, upgrade to iOS 11 or higher if possible. If you this is not an option, you may need to get a free app to unzip it BEFORE you attempt to download it. This will allow you to unzip the folder to access it. Another solution available on some mobile devices is to long hold the zipped file icon and then click, "Extract." On iOS 11 and higher, you can click "Preview Contents" to view the items inside the ZIP file and then save them individually to your device. 

All files are sent using PDF format. 

Can't find your file? Most downloaded files automatically go to the Downloads folder on both Mac and PC. On the Mac, click on the Finder icon in your dock and click on Downloads to see what you've downloaded recently. On the PC, look under My Computer or search the title of the file on your computer for where it could be.

Browsers: Some web browsers will load the PDF directly into the browser. You can make a copy of this PDF and save it somewhere that makes sense on your computer by clicking File > Save.

For a little more visual help, please see our detailed tutorial below:

Step 1:

Once you find a product that interests you, you will need to click ADD TO CART.

How to Download

Step 2:

Adding to the cart looks like the picture below and when you are ready to check out you can click the CHECK OUT button. 

How to Download

Step 3:

Before you can check out we do require you to login to an account or create one.

How to Download

Step 4:

Once the checkout button has been clicked you will be taken to the checkout page to enter your payment details. This is where you can enter any discount codes before submitting payment.

How to Download

Step 5: 

When you have completed your purchase you will be redirected to the Thank You page where you can see that your order processed and you can download your products.

How to Download

Step 6:

Within a couple of minutes after your order has processed, you will receive two emails. Both of the emails allow you to trace back to download the product at a later time if you are not able to download them to your computer right away.

The first is an order confirmation email that will look like this:

How to Download

The second is a letting you know your downloads are ready:

How to Download


Step 7:

When you are ready to download, click the “Download Now” links on the Thank You page or through the emails sent to you. Then find the location you want to save the file to on your computer.

How to Download

Depending on your browser settings, most of the time your computer will automatically save it in the Downloads folder.

You are now all set! You can access your digital product and start selling!